Retirement comes with a lot of desires like the desire to change your environment or go for frequent holidays in those places you always wanted. Having a house in another country already gives you the security of a house of your own and the benefit of enjoying verse cultural experiences the country has to offer.

Owning an international property makes holidays so much easier, when you just stay in your own property. No problem, schedule a getaway to your very own holiday home.

Our teams are experts in international property investment and have done all the hard work in finding the perfect investment opportunity so that you don’t have to. With years of international market research and first-hand travel knowledge we are the reliable choice for first time investors or buyers wanting to get that extra edge with an international property.

So, whether you are looking for an International Investment, a first-class villa or a downtown apartment to start a fresh page in your life, Atlas Estate Investment will offer you quality services beyond compare.


We have amazing villas available in Istanbul.

Turkey is known for its hospitality and geopolitical location, which has made it an important center for attracting local and foreign investors in various sectors, especially the tourism sector which has attracted great interest from investors. The beauty of its nature, Asia and Europe, with a high percentage of the youth population, was one of the main reasons that led investors to prefer Turkey to invest, especially the values that characterize Turkey, which made it the focus of interest of foreign investors in general, and turned it into a country open to investors and foreign capital.